Our Profile

Our goal at Easywork Services has continued to ensure that our clients will always receive a quality Heat Pump. We focus on doing our homework thoroughly, in order to deliver products that are reliable, economical and long lasting.

We have stayed away from the temptation of buying inferior heat pumps (cutting corners, making short cuts, using low quality components, poor design etc.) at dirt cheap prices from overseas and re-badge them here. We still refuse to compromise on quality and believe you agree that the quality of “Performance Plus” Heat Pumps should not be sacrificed. As you all know better than I do; Cairns is a relatively small market and bad news quickly travels; especially in our industry. I am sure you all have heard one or more stories about the issues with the other heat pumps.

The team at Easywork Services has been diligently working behind the scenes over the past two years to produce a range of new heat pumps using R410A, the new Eco Friendly refrigerant.

From an environmental perspective, R410A is a winner. It has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and higher heat transfer coefficient. It has been a long and at times an arduous task, working towards achieving our targets, designing, testing, revising and sourcing the best components at the best possible prices. We
believe we have now achieved our goals. We have improved the design and the performance of the units, making the installation as simple as possible while keeping the costs as low as possible.


We offer:

  • Exceptional expertise and decades of experience in the heat pump systems
  • Internationally-recognised brands whose companies provide ongoing training and support for their dealer teams
  • Qualified installation personnel who work in accordance with good air conditioning and refrigeration engineering trade practices
  • The best  aftersales service in Cairns

We are committed to:

  • Striving for continual improvements in every aspect of our business in order to maintain our position as leaders in our industry
  • Meeting clients' changing needs by offering effective, economic and innovative solutions
  • Applying modern management practices and technologies
  • Being responsible for our actions and treating each client with courtesy and respect